MANAWA, Wis. (WFRV) – Forty-four pallets of instant oatmeal. “It equates to about 300,000 to 350,000 individual oatmeal packets,” explained Calli Pehlke, who is the senior human resources manager at Treehouse Foods.

Employees at Sturm Foods in Manawa, which is a subsidiary of Treehouse Foods, loaded up all of these oatmeal packets into a truck that is headed to Europe to help those impacted by Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine.

“We had come to find out they were in need of product donations for Ukraine and we decided to move forward with the product donation,” said Pehlke.

The truck left for Chicago on Tuesday afternoon. When the oatmeal arrives it will get loaded onto a cargo plane and flown out to Poland. The oatmeal will then get distributed to people impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Northeast Wisconsin businesses and community members still showing they care about Ukraine four months since the Russians first invaded the country.

Sturm Foods officials contacted Wisconsin Ukrainians Inc., an organization that has been donating money and supplies to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion, to help them out with the logistics of getting the oatmeal over to Europe.

Officials with the Wisconsin Ukrainians said they are so happy that people in northeast Wisconsin are still donating to help out Ukraine. However, they do acknowledge that donations have slowed down compared to the first couple of weeks after the invasion.

“In Ukraine, there’s a common phrase that people say for not being tired and we truly thank people here for not being tired and not forgetting about Ukraine,” said Olga Halaburda Hietpas, who is the Vice President of Wisconsin Ukrainian Inc.

Wisconsin Ukrainians officials told Local 5 News that monetary donations are usually best because what people in Ukraine need most is constantly changing.