APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – One group of kids is looking to provide meals to those less fortunate.

“It just shows that even though we’re 14 and 15 years old it shows that you can always make a difference no matter how young you are,” said Gavin Wiese.

Gavin Wiese and Macy Hartjes are the organizers of a local food drive. 

“This is our fourth year of the food drive and we’re trying to achieve a big goal of ten thousand food items for this year’s drive,” said Gavin Wiese.

Wiese and Hartjes and others are looking to collect ten thousand food items for the saint joseph food program.

“Saint Joe’s usually has about like three or four weeks of food like supplied in their pantry but at this time right now they only have about one week of food,” said Hartjes.

The kids have already collected more than five hundred items and are hoping to add to their collection. Hartjes says food is a necessity and everyone should be able to eat.

“We like are blessed to be able to have food every day and not everybody is fortunate enough to have that so it’s nice to think about the community to donate and help those people,” said Hartjes.

Those interested in donating click here.