GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – A nonprofit is looking for a permanent location so it can continue its work impacting the lives of children in the community.

In July of last year, Amy Behrend and her husband Greg started their nonprofit, You Belong, where they host classes and events for parents and children to interact and feel accepted.

You Belong is currently operating out of various locations, including the Boys and Girls Club in Green Bay but are looking for people who can help them find a new home.

“It would be able to increase the amount of programs that we can do on a regular basis,” explained Greg Behrend. “Right now, a lot of our time is spent moving stuff around and that consumes a lot of time and energy, whereas if you can walk into your own space, and it’s ready to go, that makes a huge difference.”

Parents also say they would love to see You Belong remain in one area. Matthew Bald attends many of the nonprofits functions with his wife Jourdyn, and son Brooks. He says, “I know a couple times I’ve gone to the wrong place. I think it’ll just be better to have a solid foundation for them to make the space their own.”

For more information about You Belong, and how you can help the local nonprofit, click here.