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Local Officer aids Hurricane Harvey victims

SHIOCTON,Wis. -  Officer Dan Lindstrom serves the streets of Shiocton but he's got bigger plans on the horizon.  

" There's a lot of  people who are pouring in Texas civilians,officers, first responders everyone, " Shiocton Police Officer,Dan Lindstrom. 

Lindstrom wants to give a hand to those hurting from Hurricane Harvey. After watching the news coverage of the storm Lindstrom decided to get involved. 

The plan is simple Lindstrom will leave on Saturday with his boat and make the drive down south. 

Currently the Officer Lindstrom is looking for donations to help with relief efforts but he says, either way he's leaving this weekend for Texas. 

Donations will be accepted at https://www.youcaring.com/hurricaneharveyvictims-920539







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