APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – Multiple organizations hosted an “Earth Day Rally” at Houdini Plaza. Kyle Armstrong says he and others are aiming to better the planet. 

“I think that the climate and the environment are two of the most precious resources we have and looking at where things are headed for the future decades, I think that we need to take action, so I wanted to show my support for the earth for sustainability and for climate action,” said Armstrong.

Pop Earth’s Doug Middleton says prioritizing the well-being of the environment will prove to be beneficial.

“The earth is important to this community, it’s important to every community, it gives us all what we need. If we can use it wisely,” stated Middleton. 

As Armstrong celebrates Earth Day, he plans to get others more involved with his efforts.  

“This issue is going to impact all of us whether you are aware of it, whether you care about it or not. When we are all exposed to nature, we all get outside and enjoy all the treasures of earth then it’s going to make us care about it more and incline us to take action for it,” stated Armstrong. 

The Green Bay Conservation Corps, Lawrence University, and the Alliance for the Great Lakes all held Earth Day events today as well.