(WFRV) – Parks and pools in northeast Wisconsin are coming up with new ways to attract employees this summer.

Bay Beach struggled to find people to run their concession stands and operate their rides. Bay Beach Manager, Jason Arnoldi says the pandemic had an impact on hiring.

“[The pandemic] created a bit of an issue and there were fewer people it seemed looking for jobs, especially in the age range that we typically works out here, so it was a challenge,” Arnoldi says.

To get people interested in working at the park, he decided to add some incentives. Those incentives included increasing wages up to $18 an hour and giving bonuses to those who worked weekends in May and September.

Arnoldi says, “This year, it’s going a lot better. We’re almost fully staffed in our ride areas, we’re fully staffed in our concession areas. That changes as people get internships and things of that nature, but we’re sitting a lot better than we have in the previous two years.”

In Little Chute at Doyle Park, there has been a struggle to hire lifeguards and pool attendants. However, the park has worked with its employees to create flexible hours. This has caused more summer hires this year when compared to previous years.

Parks Director John McDonald says, “We’re finding kids have just a little bit more going on on their plate with sports, vacations, and just being a kid. We’re really trying to be flexible while still offering a job experience that allows them to learn how to have a first job and be an asset to the community.”

Doyle Park will open on June 4th and Bay Beach opens in two weeks.

Those looking for jobs at Bay Beach can find them here.

For jobs at Doyle Park, you can contact the park’s office at 920-423-3868.