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As the United States and Iran butt heads, peace hinges on what our leadership decides next.

“I hope and pray that those are deliberate decisions after a lot of thinking and not based on hysteria that might be on social media,” said Saad Ahmad, secretary of finance at the Masjid Qamar Oshkosh Mosque.

At the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Oshkosh, the goal is always diplomatic.

“We are all God’s creation and we need to work towards peace,” he said. “That’s what Islam teaches us: that we should always be working toward peace.”

Ahmad’s travels have taken him to countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates, where the sentiment toward America and the west is a mixed bag.

“It’s basically a spectrum of thoughts,” he said. “To say that there is one opinion about it would be kind of misleading.”

And as for what happens next, it’s a political game of ‘wait-and-see.’

“Our leadership holds all of the population in their trust,” said Ahmad. “That they exercise due diligence and make the right decisions that end up making the world a better place for all of us.”

Currently, the house is trying to pass a war powers resolution that would limit the president’s military actions without more widespread congressional approval.

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