Local record store highlights importance of National Record Store Day

Local News

Saturday was National Record Store Day and one local record store let residents check out some vinyl.

“It’s probably every record stores biggest day of the year volume wise for sales,” says Tom Smith of the Exclusive Company in Green Bay.

“Record Store Day is a huge national celebration that’s been going on 11 or 12 years where independent record stores all over America have big events planned and the music industry releases special limited exclusive vinyl releases.”

“I think it’s played a role in helping the resurgence of vinyl which is helping record stores not go out of business. And over the last decade, a lot of record stores have reopened. For a while there, they were closing and dropping like flies.”

“It’s helped get the message across and I think it helped get a lot of younger people into vinyl and I really think younger people are the key to the resurgence of vinyl. Hopefully vinyl, knock on wood, never gets, they never try to phase it out.”

“There’s a certain aesthetic to it. I mean if you’re going to own a physical copy of music, why not have the biggest possible picture and linear notes? And you can smell a record or even a cassette. You can’t smell a download.”

“Here at the Exclusive Company we never gave up on vinyl just as we’re not going to give up on the compact disc.”

“I’m very pleased with today and happy and it’s a feel-good day here.”

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