GRAND CHUTE, Wis. (WFRV) – A local store owner hopes police catch the thief who broke into his store, stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise just days after he hosted a grand opening party. 

“I see stories all the time on social media where you know card shows like ours are getting broken into, I see it all the time, but to have it happen to your own business I don’t think it hit me until this morning when I woke up,” said Titus Moua, owner of The PokeShop 2.0.  

The robbery took place around one in the morning on Sept. 12. Moua says he was notified about the incident by his business partner.  

“They gave me a call saying our place got broken into and right when I heard about that I got up right away and got to the shop and it was true. The door was broken into and that’s kind of how I found out about it,” said Moua.

The store is known for hosting events and selling rare Pokémon collectors’ items. Multiple Pokémon and sports cards were taken from the store. 

“The most notable one was the 1999 base set unlimited booster box, that one is valued at about fifteen thousand dollars, yeah, just for a booster box there are 36 packs in there as well,” explained Moua. 

The Grand Chute Police Department is investing the case. Moua says he closed the store due to the robbery, but he hopes to reopen it soon.

“Whatever they took is whatever they took, my only message to them is that I hope you took it for a good reason. I do not know why they took it or whatever they did, I am not going to judge them. I just hope that we can get up and going here soon again to serve the local community in Appleton,” said Moua. 

If you have any information concerning the case, you are asked to contact the Grand Chute Police Department