GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Amanda’s House provides housing for women and kids in need, the transitional housing program helps those affected by substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Women of the house say that shelter is an essential part of living a productive life. “It’s helping me not engage in a lot of bad activity and it’s getting my life on track,” said Rochae Johnson, an Amanda’s House resident. 

Johnson has lived in the home for three months and says without the facility she would not have a secure place to live.

“Yeah, I would be pretty stressed out you know. Jumping from place to place and it would not be good. I am very thankful that I got into this place,” explained Johnson. 

The home was founded in January 2020. Owner Paula Jolly says her daughter was part of the inspiration to make the organization a reality. 

“Amanda was my daughter, she struggled with addiction for ten years before she died of an overdose on February 10 of 2020. We were going to do this together. She was going to be my support staff if you will,” stated Jolly. 

The home is currently at full capacity and is looking to expand into a nearby church. Jolly says donations and volunteering will provide more resources for the home. 

“It’ll allow us to help more families and then once the families are ready to move on from here, we can help them get into more permanent housing. If you do not have a stable housing environment you cannot work on other things you need to work on like substance abuse, mental health, finding a job, and all those things if you do not have a stable place to live,” said Jolly. 

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