GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – As the holiday season approaches, authorities in Brown County are reminding shoppers to be mindful of porch pirates.

The Green Bay Police Department says multiple steps can be taken to prevent packages from being stolen off your property.

“If they can remember the slogan lock it, hide it, keep it, that’s going to greatly reduce their chances of becoming a victim,” explained Kevin Warych, Commander of Operations with the Green Bay Police Department.

Research shows that over 200 packages were stolen from porches in 2021. 

“It does happen, but it’s important that people know that it does occur so that they can protect themselves,” said Warych.

Officers say using delivery alerts and receiving help from neighbors can help prevent thefts.

“Make sure that packages are delivered and that you get notifications, whether that’s email or text, that the packages have been delivered. Next, maybe have a neighbor pick up those packages when they are delivered or have a neighbor have the packages delivered to your neighbor’s house,” said Warych.

Christmas is around the corner, and authorities are expecting to see more deliveries than usual in the area. Locking and hiding items are the best way to keep them.

“Develop some secure method for a package to be delivered to your house so that it prevents that package from being unattended on your doorstep, and if you have a method where you can deliver to an alternative location, I think that greatly reduces your chances of being a victim of a theft,” said Warych.

If you have stolen packages that were delivered from companies such as Amazon or FedEx, those companies will issue a refund to the shopper after submitting an amazon stolen package claim.