GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – How much money will it take to get inside Lambeau Field for the Packers home opener against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday?

It’s a tricky question, but not if you ask John Schmidt who has owned Schmitty’s Tickets Inc. for the past 30 years. He said he sold about 40,000 Packer tickets last year and expects to sell even more this year.

“I would say $100 cheaper than what I would expect,” said Schmidt who said these are the cheapest he’s ever seen tickets for the home opener. “We don’t have a big marquee game this year. Like we’ve had Dallas in the past and Minnesota is always big, but they’re 0-2 so they’re dropping off as well.”

He attributed a number of factors to the cheaper ticket prices. He said he doesn’t believe Packer fans are fully sold on the team performing well this year and are waiting a few more weeks to see how they do.

He also said the opponent makes a big difference when it comes to the price of tickets.

“New Orleans Saints I think that’s the main problem with this game, their fans don’t follow them so there’s not a lot of fans from New Orleans coming to this game,” he said.

Right now, Schmidt said he’s seeing way more people selling Packer tickets than buying them.

In February, the Green Bay Packers set the price for their regular season tickets. The team announced that the price would go up by between $3 and $9 depending on the location of the seat.

However, once the tickets enter the secondary market the prices will go up or down depending on demand. Local Five News spoke to several season ticket holders who said they’ve had to sell tickets this year for less than normal.

But not everybody is having that same experience.

Travis Loftus, the manager at Ticket King on Oneida Street near Lambeau Field, said he’s noticed ticket prices are comparable to previous years.

But there is one thing that he’s noticed is different.

“The later games are always a little bit slower, but this year sales wise for us just because I think people want to see how the team does before they commit any money to coming here when it’s cold,” said Loftus.

Both Loftus and Schmidt said noon games in September are usually high sellers because it’s still usually warm outside and because the game finishes up in the afternoon giving people time to recover before work the next day. 

Ticket prices vary from site to site, but generally, there are tickets still available for the game for below $200 a ticket.