GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – Frank and Carol Wirth have been Packers fans for decades. For Frank, it started when he was watching Bart Starr growing up.

But his wife of 45 years has not always been a Packers fan.

“I was a Chiefs fan,” Carol said. “I told him that and he said ‘I’m going to convert you.’ And he did!”

So the couple from Spring Valley, Wisconsin, got married in 1978, had three kids, and continues to bring together their family, friends, and neighbors every Sunday at their weekly barbecues to watch the Packer game.

They still relive memories of their favorite Packers team members over the decades.

“Brett Favre broke my heart and built my heart at the same time. He was fantastic,” Frank said. “Reggie White, what can you say about him?”

“Oh my gosh, Donald Driver!” Carol said. “My heartthrob.”

That is routine to them, as routine as a playbook is to a play caller. What is not routine is what they did Friday morning.

“She told me this morning that she needed a new shirt,” Frank said.

“That’s the first thing I thought of, I thought ‘I need a new shirt, they’re gonna play tonight,'” Carol said. “So we packed our bags and here we are.”

A new shirt for both of them – and more in their shopping bags.

“It’s an amazing pro shop! I don’t know how many shirts I bought but it was great,” Carol said.

They ended their day at Stadium View, just a couple blocks from the Packers’ Pro Shop. They came to Green Bay for a shirt, got several, and also embraced the energy at the bar.

“Listening to the crowd, that excites me,” Carol said.

Frank is even more optimistic than what he thinks the crowd feels about new starting quarterback Jordan Love.

“I’m looking for a lot,” Frank said. “l think he’s gonna be better than people are saying, I think he’s going to do good.”

Carol has high expectations for Love and the rest of the team, too.

“I really want him to be successful. And I really feel he can,” she said. “Lots of wins, lots of great plays, I wanna see stuff like that that was on the TV.”

What was on the TV was a touchdown pass 7:41 into the first quarter from Love to Romeo Doubs. Hundreds of people in the bar began celebrating, the hugs, the high fives, the shouts and whistles. But the admiration from Frank and Carol was fresh and crisp – the same as it has been for 45 years.

“Woohoo! Perfect! Awesome!” Frank and Carol shouted.

“That’s what we needed,” he said.

“Green Bay’s back,” she said.

“I think he’ll be alright,” Frank said.