DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) – Tamar and Stephanie Donohue have lived in De Pere for 30 years. When Stephanie Donohue misplaced her wallet one day, it was returned by an unusual suspect.  
“I went to a friend’s house yesterday and when I got out of my car, I must have dropped it and I didn’t realize that I dropped it until hours later,” said Stephanie Donohue. 

 A mail carrier returned Stephanie’s wallet, along with the hundreds of dollars inside. 

“I’m so appreciative, they are just such an amazing soul and amazing person to be able to find a wallet with a decent amount of money in it and to be able to return it back to the rightful owner that is just …. I feel like you do not see that too much nowadays,” explained Donohue. 

Donohue says she’s grateful for the delivery. 

“It’s just so easy to do the right thing I feel like and to be able to help make somebody else’s day is just an amazing thing to be able to do,” said Donohue. 

The Donehues are planning to offer a reward to the mail carrier for his good deed.