Police have arrested and charged a man after an officer-involving shooting early Sunday. 

Henry Nellum, 33, of Oshkosh, is facing six charges: attempted first degree intentional homicide, first degree recklessly endangering safety, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, and misdemeanor bail jumping. 

According to the criminal complaint, Nellum told officers he was drunk at Jacks’s Apple Pub when a man he didn’t know came up to him and started talking. The man punched him for no reason. After that Nellum said he got up and started fighting the man. He told officers that at that point, he took out his gun to try to pass it off to someone so he could fight the man. He was unsure of where the gun went but heard it go off as it was pointed toward the ground. Nellum says that he thought the man was trying to grab the gun at one point. He admits that he got the gun about 8 months earlier.

An officer outside the bar was said to have entered the side door, encountered the suspect who was said to have a gun and shot the suspect. The suspect, Jimmie Sanders, died later at the hospital. Two other people suffered non-life threatening injuries, one with a gunshot wound.

On Tuesday, Nellum had his initial court appearance. He is being held on a $400,000 bond. 

While the details of the fight and the shots fired in the bar are laid out between witness accounts and Nellum’s account in the criminal complaint, the second incident, which left Sanders shot by an officer, is left out.

The Green Bay Police are investigating the deadly officer-involved shooting, because it involves the Appleton Police Department and an Appleton police officer.

Right now, there are no answers for what happened in the moments leading up to Sanders’ shooting.

A Sanders’ family advocate is waiting to learn more. 

“There’s nowhere on the complaint that describes Jimmie’s part, we don’t understand how Jimmie plays into this fully, we don’t understand that,” Tory Lowe of Milwaukee said. 

Henry Nellum will have a preliminary hearing on June 30th. 

Nellum was previously convicted of the felony offense of party to the crime of armed robbery with the threat of force back in 2005. He was then released from prison with extended supervision in 2009. In November of 2014, he was released from his extended supervision.