Man riding to Lambeau Field in wheelchair raising money for charities

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A former semi-truck driver is taking a different set of wheels on the road to Lambeau Field after an accident turned him into an amputee.

Dennis Shulze had the odds against him back in 2012. 

“They had to cut my right leg off while I was awake with a 42% chance of living,” Shulze said.

Shulze is currently on a 170-mile journey from Janesville to Green Bay to inspire the people he meets, and raise money and awareness for the causes close to his heart. 

“Alzheimer’s, lost my dad. Cancer, lost my mom. March of Dimes, St. Jude’s… for LEDR, for my cousin and officer Ryan Copeland who got killed in the line of duty,” Shulze explained.

He rides about five miles a day, mostly on the highway.

His friend Joan Sohn, and usually a police officer too,  will follow close behind him to make sure he’s safe.

“Nothing will stop him,” Sohn said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s thirty below zero or if there’s a blizzard, he’ll do it anyways. It’s just what he’s meant to do, and I’m inspired and I’m in awe and I’m just honored to be part of it.”

It’s an unusual roadside sight for drivers, but many enjoy seeing him.

“The honking, the people waving, it’s a rush, it keeps me going,” Shulze added.

In December, Schulze and Sohn made a similar journey to Wrigley Field.
When he gets to Lambeau, he’s going to put on his prosthetic leg and walk the last half mile, just like he did in Chicago.
“It’s like Forrest Gump, you know, he woke up one morning, grew a beard, and took off running. And when he was done, he was done,” Shulze said. “It’s in my heart now to keep going, when it’s time to be done I’m sure I’ll know, but I don’t see it for awhile.”
Right now, Shulze and Sohn are in Fond du Lac.
They are expected to arrive at Lambeau Field by the end of March.
If you would like to check out the charities Shulze is supporting, check out his page here

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