Man traveling to Lambeau Field by wheelchair almost there

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A man who is riding his wheelchair all the way from Janesville to Lambeau Field is getting closer to the finish line. 

On Monday morning, Dennis Schulze was about 15 miles outside of Green Bay. 

He stated the trek last month and rides about five miles a day, usually on the highway, with his friend in a car right behind him. 

Schulze will get to Lambeau Field on Saturday morning and will put on his prosthetic lef to walk the last half mile to the stadium.

“There’s people who have never taken a step a day in their life and people that’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to walk on or into the stadium. That’s what I do. I put my leg on and I walk for them,” Schulze says.

Schulze says he is raising money for five charities close to his heart.

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