TWO RIVERS, Wis. (WFRV) – A local nurse who went over to Ukraine to help treat refugees who have been injured traveling out of the country is back stateside.

Michelle Petersen, an Aurora Nurse Practitioner is back in Wisconsin after spending a week in Ukraine and her experience was eye-opening.

“It was devastating and makes you realize how fortunate we are,” said Petersen. “Watching the media coverage and reading about the atrocities in Ukraine, it didn’t feel right to feel bad about it at home and not really do something that could potentially help change the course.”

She was stationed and worked out of a medical tent at the border crossing to help refugees as they entered Poland with the group, Rescuers Without Borders.

While there, she and others learned about a school in Ukraine where several people were in need of medical help. Selflessly, she crossed into Ukraine to provide medical support despite Russian bombings just 30 miles away.

“Watching women and children cross into Poland with only what they could carry on their person is horrifying. To imagine your loved ones, you don’t know what your husband or son’s fate will be. Your home as you knew it, you may never return to, it’s terrifying if you really put yourself in the situation,” added Petersen.