MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) – Snowfall in Wisconsin is constant during the fall and winter. One local man is taking the initiative to help his neighbors make it to work safely.

Manitowoc’s Johhny Canada says he takes pride in knowing he is lending a helping hand. “I have problems with the snowplows coming by, they cover everything up for me, so I have to do it again,” explained Canada.  

Blankets of snow continue to cover northeast Wisconsin. Manitowoc residents say they are familiar with receiving several inches of snow. 

“I already know about the snow because I got to get up at five in the morning to do this, and I do other people’s houses too,” said Canada. 

Originally from Arkansas, 65-year-old Johhny Canada has lived in Manitowoc for six years and says he does not mind spending time helping others.  

“I’d say about three hours because I got a big yard back there, the driveway and the neighbor’s driveway, so about three hours,” said Canada. 

On most snow days Canada removes snow from the homes on his street. Canada says the safety of his neighbors is a top priority. 

“Let’s see one, two, three, about seven. I get done around 12, all I can say is to be careful because it’s very slippery out here, you know you got to watch the other people and yourself driving too. Because if you don’t watch yourself driving, the other people might have an accident and you’ll throw yourself off by running into them,” stated Canada. 

Kind words from a man who cares about his community. Manitowoc received six inches of snow from our most recent snowstorm.