MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) – A local army veteran with no connections to Ukraine decided to fly over to the country and help out refugees.

Barry Nelson spent three weeks providing Ukrainians with rides to wherever they were going in order to get away from the violence.

Nelson teamed up with Wisconsin Ukrainians to deliver donated supplies. He also says he connected with a pharmacist in Ukraine to help get much-needed medicine to refugees or the civilians who stayed to fight.

“Every day, with no plan, just hustle and hard work. Seeing what’s happening to these refugees that don’t deserve it obviously,” explained Nelson. “To me, it becomes very simple to just calm the stress and work the problem, just as you would if you saw someone broke down on the side of the road.”

Nelson is currently back in Manitowoc but does plan to go back to Ukraine and continue helping refugees at the Polish/Ukrainian border.