MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) – Manitowoc Mayor Justin Nickels joined Local 5 and discussed multiple topics including revitalizing the downtown area and updates to the city’s industrial park.

Nickels said that initially, the city was the main funder for revitalizing the downtown area, but private investors have stepped up. The council approved three million dollars for infrastructure and in 2022 another three million was approved.

The money will reportedly be used for items like the riverwalk, boat docks and a kayak launch. Nickels also mentioned that the downtown area is converting streets back to two-way streets. Currently, some of the roads are one-way.

The industrial park is currently full, said Nickels. Ammo Inc. is the newest occupant of the industrial park, and Redline Plastics also just opened up. Nickels said that Bank First bought 90 acres of farmland for future expansion.

Nickels said that there will be well over 200 new jobs in the near future.