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Manitowoc now allows dogs in parks

Manitowoc, Wis. (WFRV) -

Pets have been banned from Manitowoc City parks for years, but now a new ordinance signed this week hopes to make the city more pet friendly.

"In the past it was illegal to have dogs in parks, you could walk on the sidewalk buy you couldn't actually bring them into a park," said Mayor Justin Nickels.

The mayor signed a new ordinance that allows dogs or other pets to now enter 33 of 35 parks within the city as long as they are on a six foot leash.



He says it's part of a growing trend in wisconsin to make city's more pet friendly.

There are exceptions to the new ordinance.  Pets will not be able to enter places like Evergreen Cemetery, the Lincoln Park Zoo, or the grounds of any school.

Pet owners in Manitowoc seem to welcoming the change, they say it does come with responsibility.

"I think they should be allowed in parks as long as people pick up after themselves," said Roberta McDaniel of Manitowoc.

The mayor says the city has also increased the fines for owners who don't clean up after their dog or keep them leashed.

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