FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – The tributes are pouring for an Eldorado woman found dead over the weekend.

On Tuesday afternoon, Marian University held a vigil so students, faculty, and staff could take a moment to remember 20-year-old Johanna Schultz. Authorities found her body in an Omro home on Saturday.

“Just an overall really great person to know,” said Schultz’s friend Kenna Freiberg.

Freiberg said that she knew Schultz since high school and the two friends also attended Marian University together. She said she’d see Schultz around campus and the two would talk about their days together.

“One of my favorite memories of her is just how kind and caring she was and just how good of a friend she is and you can see that on social media with all the outpouring of support, there is for her,” said Freiberg.

Freiberg and other Marian University students attended the vigil which was at Dorcas Chapel. It began with a poem and a few Bible readings and then attendees had an opportunity to share some memories they had of Schultz.

“To come back to class today it just felt like there was an immense hole there, it was a difficult morning for the class so being able to concentrate with that void in the classroom was really difficult,” said David Washkoviak who is a professor at Marian University.

Washkoviak said Schultz was one of the few students who wanted to sit in the front row of the classroom because she was so engaged with what she was learning.

Schultz was the assistant manager of a store her family owned and Washkoviak said this real-world experience made her insight invaluable during classroom discussions.

Her mother posted on the store’s Facebook account that “I was truly blessed of having her in my life for 20 years. However, on Saturday, God decided he had plans for her in Heaven. We are keeping our faith strong and our memories alive but our hearts are aching, sometimes more than we can handle. Thank you for all those that have reached out to us the support has been amazing.”

According to Marian University officials, Schultz was finishing up a double major in business/healthcare administration and marketing and also owned her own jewelry business. She was on track to graduate early and did her classes while simultaneously working two jobs.

Washkoviak said Schultz was a planner who knew what she wanted out of her education and her life.

“The sky was the limit for her, she just had a bright future,” said Washkoviak.

“I think it makes everyone a little more aware to get to know the people around you while they are still here and love them as much as you can,” said Freiberg.

To donate to a GoFundMe set up to help Schultz’s family with funeral costs, click here.

“She was full of life and had a really warm personality,” said Washkoviak. “Everybody gravitated towards her and that’s part of what made this so jolting.”

Marian University officials have made counselors available for any students who need help through these trying times.