PESHTIGO, Wis. (WFRV) – After a snowplow was damaged over the weekend, Marinette County officials are asking residents to stop pushing snow across the road.

The Marinette County Sheriff’s Office says that over the weekend a county plow truck was damaged due to a windrow of snow that a resident left in the road. There was no information on the extent of the damage done to the truck.

Authorities also say that some drivers could hit the snow thinking it is light and fluffy and could lead to serious damage or injury.

What is a windrow? It is essentially just a long low ridge of material. Windrow can also apply to a row of hay that is raked up to dry before getting stored or baled.

The Marinette County Highway Department also released a statement, reminding residents of certain practices during the winter season.

  • Pushing or plowing snow onto or across a public highway is not only dangerous but unlawful. Wisconsin statutes Chapters 86.01, 86.07, 346.94(5) and 941.03 prohibits this action.
  • It is illegal to follow a snowplow closer than 200 feet upon any highway having a posted speed limit of more than 35 mph if the snowplow is engaged in snow and ice removal.

More information about snow removal can be found on the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.