(WFRV) – Authorities in Marinette County are warning the public of a potential scam after numerous complaints were made over the weekend.

According to a release from the Marinette County Sheriff’s Office, multiple calls were from members of the community reporting that someone was calling people and claiming to be a deputy from the sheriff’s office.

Officials say that all of the victims of this scam so far have been registered sex offenders who live within the county.

The scam caller reportedly does not provide a name to identify himself and tells the potential victims that they failed to submit a DNA test and have a warrant out for their arrest.

The scammer then tells the potential victim that the warrant is bondable and asks for payments that have ranged anywhere from $500 to $5,000. He then asks that the money be put on a quick pay card and the card numbers then be given to him.

One victim who did do what was asked was then advised by the scammer that he actually had a second warrant out for his arrest and would need more money to pay to the sheriff’s office.

The caller is reported as being a man with a southern accent and when he calls, the caller ID shows up as the Marinette County dispatch phone number or a blocked caller.

Authorities are saying to be aware that this is a scam and any time there is doubt about a received phone call the Marinette County Dispatch should be immediately contacted at 715-732-7627.