(WFRV) – An investigation revealed that a total of $9 million worth of meat was stolen across six Midwest states as a ‘highly sophisticated Organized Criminal Enterprise’ targeted meat packaging plants.

According to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, an investigation started on June 27 after multiple semi-trailers and loads of frozen beef were stolen in Nebraska. The initial investigation estimated the loss was around $1 million.

Since June 2021, Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office and Homeland Security Investigation (HSI) Omaha identified about 45 thefts that happened across six states. Those states are Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

The estimated loss totaled $9 million. It was determined that a ‘highly sophisticated Organized Criminal Enterprise’ based out of Miami was targeting beef and pork packaging plants in those six states.

On October 20, three principal targets were identified and arrested. Three tractor-trailers with stolen merchandise valued at $550,000 were recovered.

The three people were identified as:

  • 38-year-old Yoslany Leyva Del Sol
  • 37-year-old Ledier Machin Andino
  • 39-year-old Delvis Fuentes

All three are from the Miami area and were arrested under the transportation of stolen goods and money laundering charges.

There was no information on what will be done with meat, and the investigation is still ongoing.