GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) First it was snow, next is the cold. And now medical experts and mechanics are saying it’s time to be prepared. Kris Schuller has more on how we should all approach the coming deep freeze.

After a day of falling snow comes a week of expected single digit temperatures. Cold that makes people take notice, like Robert Goynes.

“I think you should stay inside as much as you can and just prepare, since the temperatures get close to zero,” said Goynes.

This coming week single digit temperatures are expected, with wind chills Sunday reaching minus 30 degrees. Physician Assistant Colton Skenandore says it’s the kind of cold that could cause real problems..

“I think you can start to have frostbite setting in at those sorts of temperatures in 15 minutes, not uncommon, especially if you have absolutely no covering,” said Skenandore.

Skenandore says if you need to go out, always cover your skin, especially your fingers, toes, nose and ears.

“Those are the kinds of things having the smallest blood vessels, most at risk of freezing, turning your hands white,” said Skenandore. “Staying out of the outdoor elements at this time would be the best plan.”

It’s the kind of cold that not only concerns doctors, but auto mechanics as well. Mechanics at Auto Select say cold lowers tire pressure and puts a strain on car batteries – which could fail at the worst possible time.

“Certainly, it’s best to get it tested before you end in that position and have to have it towed in or jump-started or that kind of thing,” said Chad Elfe from Auto Select.

So, get your vehicle checked and if heading outside, be sure to layer up.

“At a minimum a hat, gloves, if you can do some kind of scarf or face covering that will protect your ears,” Skenandore advised.

Bitter cold is headed our way.

“It’s real cold, real, real cold,” Goynes said.

Skenandore says also during winter, seniors are at a higher risk for falling outdoors.