Green Bay mayor-elect Eric Genrich was born and raised in Green Bay, and still lives in the city, now with a wife and two kids.

Genrich served three terms in Wisconsin’s Assembly as a Democrat representing Green Bay.

He said that he still has many connections within the state capitol that will give him some leverage when advocating for Green Bay’s priorites, like fixing roads. 

“If we’re gonna solve these challenges here in the city of Green Bay, we’re going to need some assitance from the state government as well because that’s a big part of the story,” Genrich said. “We’ve seen a drop-off in state support in the last ten, fifteen years for local aids and road aids, so we need to restore that funding and then address those needs locally as well.” 

From his campaign for mayor to his victory speech on election night, Genrich has pushed creating five and ten-year plans to address what Green Bay needs, and how much it’s going to cost. 

“Develop that long term five-year, ten-year capital improvement plan and program, that develops that inventory of needs so that we can figure out as a community how we’re going to come together and pay for that,” Genrich said of his priorities as he settles into the mayor’s office. 

Genrich will be sworn in as mayor on April 16th.