(WFRV) – Meijer has donated $1,000,000 in support of the Great Lakes clean-up effort.

Meijer announced on Wednesday that it will donate $1 million dollars to the Council of the Great Lakes Region in the United States (CGLR) to help in the removal of waste and pollutants from Midwestern beaches and waterways.

“We are lucky to live near the beautiful Great Lakes, which not only provide immense economic value to the region, but they also act as a hub for recreation, travel, and biodiversity. It’s our responsibility to protect them,” said Vik Srinivasan, Senior Vice President of Properties and Real Estate.

And Meijer’s donation will help them do just that.

The generous sum donated will reportedly help fund the purchase and use of three litter capture and cleanup technologies: bebot, pixie drone, and gutter bins.


Bebots are remote-controlled electric beach cleaning robots. These devices have the power to clean 32,000-square feet of sandy beach per hour without altering the environment. The bebot is responsible for collecting plastic litter and other waste. These robots will be used along the beaches of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Pixie Drone

Pixie drones are described as remote-controlled water drones that can collect up to 200 pounds of plastic litter and other waste floating on the surface of the water. In addition to waste collection, pixie drones have the ability to collect water temperatures, pH levels, salinity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen. These drones will travel through marinas and other waterways in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Gutter Bins

Gutter bins are stormwater filtration systems that help capture and prevent trash, debris, microplastics, and other harmful pollutants from flowing into other waterways. Gutter bins can reportedly seize hundreds of pollution per year. These filtration systems will be installed at select Meijer supercenters across the Midwest.

According to Meijer, its role in this effort doesn’t stop at its million-dollar donation. Meijer will also reportedly team up with CGLR to lead these cleanup projects.

A variety of other community, state, and environmental organizations including the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh will also be involved in cleaning up Midwest waterways and beaches.

“Meijer has had a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment and this investment in the GLPC will reduce plastic pollution and keep this globally significant natural resource beautiful and clean for generations to come,” said Mark Fisher, President and CEO for the CGLR.