Memorial Day Through Labor Day are 100 Deadliest Days for Teen Drivers

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It’s the time of year when graduation parties, Fourth of July celebrations and summertime travel create a high volume of drivers on the roads and that includes teens.

The months following Memorial Day prove to be the deadliest for teen drivers.

Triple A says nationally about 1,050 people were killed in crashes involving teens in 2016.

High school senior Kasey says she knows how dangerous driving on the road with her peers can be.

“Driving in general can be dangerous, but we’re so new so when there’s a lot of us on the road that don’t quite know what they’re doing yet behind the wheel that you can create more crashes.”

20-year driving instructor Rod Sigl can attest to that.

He says teens have plenty of free time during the summer.

“I can see where this time of year the next hundred days would be the deadliest time for teenagers who are inexperienced to begin with to be out on the road,” says Sigl.

There’s a lot to remember while driving, even if you’ve been doing it for years.

Aside from following the typical rules of the road, Sigl says parents should talk to teens about getting rid of distractions.

“I turn off my phone to make sure it doesn’t distract me or anyone else and make sure that if I have passengers that they know that my main goal is to make sure everyone gets there safely,” says Kasey.

Triple A also says as a parent set an example by limiting your risky driving behavior.

But whatever you do, make sure they know to pay attention at all times.

“I always tell them one simple fact: no look, no license,” says Sigl. “They have to learn to look at intersections, most crashes happen at an intersection. They have to focus on driving, it’s a full-time job now.”

Triple A says speed and nighttime driving are factors that contribute to these crashes.

Make sure you set driving limits for your teens and enforce them.

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