(WFRV) – With the holiday weekend coming up, both the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Port of Green Bay are providing tips and reminders for those traveling by land and or by water

In a release from WisDOT, Officials are reminding travelers to slow down and “know before you go” by checking 511 Wisconsin online or via the app.

“The summer travel season is upon us and we’re urging drivers to slow down and stay focused on the road ahead. Glancing at a text or social media alert while driving is not worth it. Together, our careful driving behaviors can help everyone reach their destination safely.” -WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson.

Thompson also says that speeding and reckless driving continue to be big problems throughout the state but there are things drivers can do to keep everyone else safe while on the road.

To keep themselves and others safe while on the road, drivers should do the following:

  • Buckle Up, Phone Down
  • Slow down, obey the posted speed limits
  • Move over and slow down for emergency responders
    • This includes police and fire vehicles, as well as ambulances, tow trucks, and highway maintenance vehicles.
  • Steer It, Clear It!
    • State law requires vehicles to move out of traffic after a crash if no one is hurt and the vehicles can be safely moved

WisDOT says all of the rest areas throughout the state are open and can provide travelers with restrooms or a break if needed. Most road construction will also be paused throughout the weekend except for the major projects that are listed here.

The Port of Green Bay says it is expecting a lot of people to be out and about on the water enjoying everything from their boats to their jet skis.

It also says that just because it is a holiday, it does not mean that commercial shipping will stop. Boaters are being reminded to steer clear of the larger commercial vessels that come in and out of the port.

“If the weather is good, we would expect to see a lot of boating on the Lower Fox River and Bay of Green Bay during the Memorial Day weekend. While a lot of people will be off from work, and some businesses closed, there’s no break for the freighters that deliver important commodities to the terminal operators in the Port. We want to be sure recreational boaters pay attention to those large commercial vessels.” -Director for the Port of Green Bay, Dean Haen.

Haen advises that boaters should stay at least 100 feet away from a commercial vessel, boaters should avoid double rafting boats along the City Deck, and a Personal Flotation Device should always be available for every person on board.

Haen also says, “Being on the water should be enjoyable. Keeping safety in mind and always being aware of what’s happening nearby is crucial.”

For more information on boat safety or to see when cargo ships may be coming into the port, visit the Port of Green Bay website.