Federal lawmakers warn a certain type of fuel could ruin older cars, boats and other equipment.

They’ve now introduced a bi-partisan legislation to help protect consumers. 

Local 5 D.C. Correspondent Brie Jackson has details on efforts in the video above to warn Americans as the busy travel and boating season approaches:

You can expect to see more drivers on the road despite the highest gas prices since 2014 says triple a spokesperson Jeanette Casselano. 

“We have a strong economy, people are seeing more in their paychecks. People want to travel. They may not travel as far in terms of mileage or they may cut back on the number of days but they will continue to travel.”

Triple A predicts 42 million Americans will travel this memorial day weekend. Also, millions of boaters are expected on the water. Now, lawmakers want to send a warning about a certain type of fuel known as ethanol 15.

Congressman Austin Scott/Georgia

Any high performance motor, if you put that new fuel into those engines it will destroy those engines.

E-15 contains higher levels of ethanol than E-10 which most manufacturers built motors to run on.
Lawmakers are concerned the higher levels of ethanol can damage older cars, boats, and other equipment.

Congressman Scott introduced the “Consumer Protection and Fuel Transparency Act”.  The bi-partisan legislation requires the EPA to provide warning labels and establish PSAs to raise awareness about the potential risks from E-15.

Certainly those people who sell the fuel have the right to sell it, but people who are purchasing the fuel need to have an adequate warning.

Whether you’re hitting the road or the water this summer season, officials suggest checking the owners manual or research to decide what fuel type works best for your car or boat.

Anything gas powered could be affected, but experts say the smaller the gas tank, the more likely the risk so owners of motorcycles or even lawn mowers should pay extra attention.