MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) – Ever wonder where the best-tasting tap water is in Wisconsin? Well, wonder no more because one municipality was declared a winner during the state’s largest annual water conference.

Menasha Water Utility was officially declared with having the best-tasting tap water in the state, based on categories of color, odor, and taste. Menasha Water Utility supplies water to both Menasha and the east side of Fox Crossing.

From throughout the state, water technology manufacturers, regulators, operators, contractors, engineers, and educators traveled to Madison for the Wisconsin Section of the American Water Works Association’s (WIAWWA) 101st annual conference.

Menasha Water Utility Manager Adam Smith, and Scott Maurer, Water Distribution Foreman were in-person to accept the award in Madison this morning

“We are so proud of our utility for winning this award for best tasting water! It was a surprise because to my knowledge, we have never won this award before,” said the Menasha Water Utility Manager Adam Smith. “It takes more than a dozen of us working around the clock to produce this award-winning product, and as we always say, that’s the power of community!”

The Menasha Water Utility pulls its water from Lake Winnebago, averaging 2 million gallons a day.

Ten municipalities entered the competition, which was judged by 5 professionals who deal with water quality on a regular basis.

“We are really blessed with the water quantity and quality of water that we have across Wisconsin, which many states don’t have and are really struggling with it,” said WIAWWA Chairperson Sarah Nunn.

Menasha now moves on to represent Wisconsin and compete for a chance to be North America’s best-tasting tap water at a competition held in Toronto, Canada in June 2023.