(WFRV)- On Sunday, June 6, the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin released a statement regarding the paid suspension of three members.

Within the statement, shared on Facebook, the tribe explains that on Thursday, June 3, the Tribal Administrator, the Human Resources Director, and the Administrative Planner would begin paid suspensions.

This decision is based on a series of facts that the Tribe learned in recent weeks. Details of those facts were not released in the statement.

Multiple departments will feel the impact of these suspensions, but the Tribe believes the interim appointments and remaining staff will continue to provide the best service to the community.

The Menominee Tribal Legislature is also extremely aware of the importance to provide these employees due process and thus this investigation is ongoing. Once the investigation is complete and the findings have been reviewed, additional actions will be then be taken.

Local Five will be following this story closely and will report any additional information as it arises.