Parents are being encouraged to turn in an candy that their children received Sunday night while trick or treating in Keshena on the Menominee Reservation.

This is because one parent found a small bag of meth about the size of a quarter mixed in with their children’s candy.

At this time investigators believe this is an isolated incident, however after police started to spread the word through the Menominee Nation after receiving a call from the parent last night around 3:00 a.m.

“I didn’t go back to sleep after I heard about it, my mind started racing,” said Jerrit Okimosh, the administrator for the Menominee Detention Facility. “Why would something like this happen?”

Okimosh has three daughters and like many parents in the Menominee Nation this came as a shock and a troubling concern for the community.

“Had that parent not looked through they could have tasted it and it could have turned deadly,” said Lana Washinawatok. “I get really angry because it is sad.”

This happened while the Menominee Tribe has been trying to raise awareness against the drug problem they are currently facing, they have been conducting sacred walks and started a sacred fire.

The Menominee Tribal Police Chief Mark Waukau said that it takes more then law enforcement to fight against drugs, although they are trying to do their part with a drug task force and the chief also said he talked with Governor Walker as the state attempts to fight back against the opioid epidemic.

The chief also sad that once they start focusing on a specific drug, other drugs like meth show up and that meth has been increasing around Keshena, but the community has a message for drug dealers.

“We would like to make some strong moves in our community to let them know this isn’t acceptable,” said Washinawatok.

However, the tribe is coming together with several business stepping up along with the College of Menominee to host another trick or treating event on Tuesday night from 5-7.