MILWAUKEE (WFRV) – The Milwaukee Public School System has unanimously voted to pass a resolution to end their contract with the Milwaukee Police Department.

According to WFRV affiliate WDJT, the resolution, passed Thursday night, immediately terminates all contracts with the department and directs the superintendent to stop any contracts to buy or keep metal detectors, facial recognition software, and social media monitoring software.

WDJT reports that the Milwaukee Public Schools Board of School Directors received almost 900 written testimonies and heard about an hour of spoken testimonies during the meeting. The school district says that there aren’t officers stationed at school buildings every day, but they helped at school activities and events.

The Board discussed the resolution for a few hours and included a few amendments to the resolution. WDJT says the Board is holding $400,000 as part of a truancy program that it is required to have under state law while it waits to hear from lawyers about how to proceed.

The Milwaukee Police Department released the following statement Thursday night:

“The Milwaukee Police Department fully supports the Milwaukee Public School system if it decides to remove all School Resource Officers from its schools. We agree with the many voices from our community who believe that the funding should be reinvested into our public school system to support social services. Regardless of the vote, MPD will continue to support MPS and MPS students.”

There is no word yet on what the money previously allocated for the contract with police will be used for.

Read the full resolution from the school board here: