The Mining for America Act, Assembly Bill 499, would eliminate the Prove It First Law Mining Moratorium which was approved 20 years ago.

Before this Friday’s hearing both sides shared their opinions. 

“I think to look at areas where we are hurting economic development with unreasonable regulations that needs to be reformed and looked into and I think this bill is a perfect economic balance and economic opportunity,”Representative Rob Hutton of Brookfield said. 

“The Mining Bill is a reckless piece of legislation.- which will endanger public health and states natural environment,” Communication Director, Wisconsin Conservation Voters Ryan Billingham said. 

During the hearing The Prove It First Law was brought up several times due to the fact that this legislation would kill it.  The Prove It First Law has been in effect since 1998. It requires a mining company to back-up their claims of clean mining. 

But Rep.Hutton doesn’t see it that way at all. He sees this as an economic tool. 

” As we visited northern Wisconsin the lack of economic opportunity- this bill speaks into what we can do to resource for good family sustaining jobs,”Rep. Hutton said.