RINGLE, Wis. (WFRV) – The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office finished its investigation into the possible mistreatment of a horse which started when pictures were posted on social media.

According to the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation into the reported mistreatment of a horse has been completed. The investigation was in the Town of Ringle.

The investigation apparently started after photos of the horse were posted on social media. The photos reportedly showed an injury to the horse’s rear-left leg that was ‘bloody in nature’.

Authorities said that the injury was consistent with a cut from barbed wire fencing, which is common to animals in that type of setting.

A local veterinarian examined the animal and found that the salve being used to treat the injury is red in color. The veterinarian said that the wound is ‘healing’, but due to the fact that the horse is nearly 30 years old, it will take time.

It was also mentioned that the owner is known to take in rescue or injured horses and is providing proper medical attention.

No criminal charges were filed as authorities said no concerns for the horse’s welfare were substantiated during the investigation. No additional information was provided.

Ringle is just over an hour and fifteen minutes west of Green Bay.