FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WFRV) – It’s a mobile memorial honoring all 608 fallen police officers in 2021. 

On Monday morning, it stopped in Fond du Lac to help the police department honor Joseph Kurer.

Kurer passed away last September after contracting COVID-19 on the job. He was 26 years old and had been a Fond du Lac police officer for about three years. His second child was born the night before he passed away.

Every summer, Washington state based ‘Beyond the Call of Duty’ does a ride to honor fallen police officers from the previous year. They call the ride the ‘End of Watch, Ride to Remember’ and they travel around the country visiting police departments that have had fallen officers over the last year.

This summer they visited 268 departments around the country. On Aug. 8, they stopped in Fond du Lac to honor Officer Kurer with his family, his fellow police officers, and the community.

Kurer’s mother, father, and sister got to place a flower next to Officer Kurer’s picture on a trailer with pictures of all 608 fallen police officers in 2021.

“(He was) patriotic, duty oriented, had a love for his job and the work that he did,” said Officer Kurer’s mother, Mary Kurer, when asked to describe him.

“Just some of the stories we get to tell (about Kurer), hearing laughter in the background, he had a laugh that I’ll never forget,” said Fond du Lac police chief Aaron Goldstein.

The group is on day 69 of its 79-day trip and by the time their journey is done, they will have traveled 23,000 miles around the country.

They said it’s more than worth it though.

“I wanted to make sure that the departments knew that their loss is being felt across the nation not just in one sector,” said Jagrut Shah, the founder of ‘Beyond the Call of Duty.’

“It was very moving and emotional, my heart just choked up just knowing that all of this was an honor and tribute to him and many other fallen men and women in uniform,” said Officer Kurer’s father, Bill.

“He’d be very overwhelmed because he was humble and didn’t do his job for recognition, but more so for his love for his fellow man and the community that he served,” said Mary Kurer.

On Monday, the group also stopped in Fort Douglas in Juneau County.