More license plate thefts in Green Bay, 18 stolen since May 1st

Local News

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) It’s been a concerning trend in Green Bay where license plates are being stolen off vehicles. 

“It’s definitely at a higher rate than we’re normally seeing, and it’s continuing,” said Chief Andrew Smith during his Community Update on Local 5 This Morning. “We found one on a car in Indiana. Others have been used in gas drive-offs. People will get letters in the mail that say ‘hey, your car was used in a gas drive-off.’ Well it wasn’t the car, it was the plate on the back of the car.”

Smith said that since May 1st, 18 license plates have been stolen off vehicles throughout the city. He also suggested some tips so you don’t become a victim.

“You can get screws that are not easily removable to put your plate on. You can keep your car in the garage when you park it at your house. We want people to give us a call if they see someone doing this,” Smith said.

Smith also said their investigation into the death of Appleton firefighter Mitch Lundgaard is nearly complete. More details are expected to be released on Thursday from the Outagamie County district attorney.

Smith reports that there were 0 arrests made at the Paul McCartney concert, and nobody was kicked out. 

To watch Chief Smith’s full Community Update, click the link above. 

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