(WFRV) – February is here, which means Sturgeon Season is approaching. Experts say that many are preparing for Sturgeon Season.  

“People are going to get out on the ice, they are going to spear some fish, so whenever that happens it’s always going to be a good season,” said Winnebago System Lake Sturgeon Biologist Margaret Stadig. 

13,000 people have bought licenses for a chance to bag a prehistoric fish and sturgeon experts say there is enough fish for everyone. 

“We’ve got about 40,000 individuals out there, about 15,000 women and about 25,000 men, so the sturgeon population is doing as good as it always has been,” explained Stadig. 

While the ice is frozen, experts warn spearers to keep their cars off of it. Owner of Sunk Dive & Ice Service Don Herman says it is not safe to drive on the lakes.  

“On Lake Winnebago, I recommend not to drive vehicles out, they are driving some vehicles on the other side of the lake, they have better ice on Lake Poygan, Lake Butte Des Morts, and everything. They have about 12 to 14 inches they are driving out there, but we’re waiting for a little bit more cold weather, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get it,” stated Herman. 

Herman says when in doubt, ask locals for advice on ice conditions. 

“If you want to be safe on the ice, check with your fishing clubs, there are 7 or 8 fishing clubs all around the lake. You can be very safe if you get the information from the fishing clubs, they will tell you where not to go,” said Herman.  

What’s back this year are registration stations. The Department of Natural Resources says they’ll be around Lake Winnebago and the upper lakes.