APPLETON, Wis (WFRV) – Thousands attended Mile 10, the 10th year of the annual Mile of Music festival in Appleton. Anna Clementi traveled from Racine to Appleton and is attending the festival for the first time. 
“Well I only live two hours away from Appleton and I for 40 some years of my life I did not even know this existed, it really is worth seeing the area, the weather’s beautiful, they have great parks here in Appleton, and I think everybody in Wisconsin needs to come to Appleton and check it out,” stated Clementi. 
The festival features more than 200 artists from across the world Mile of Music team member Kim Willems, says the festival attracts more than 80 thousand people to Appleton. 
“We are estimating probably about 85,000 plus just had a really fun weekend of a lot of music and a lot of sunshine that people really enjoyed in downtown Appleton so we’re grateful for the community coming down and supporting the festival,” explained Willems.  

Clementi says this year’s mile of music was her first, but it will not be her last. 
“Within the first hour, I was like we will be back, it is fantastic there is nothing else like this in Wisconsin, there’s other music festivals of course but not as unique as Mile of Music here,” stated Clementi. 
Festival organizers plan to announce the performers of next year’s festival in the spring of 2024.