A mosquito capable of transmitting the Zika virus has been found in our state. That’s according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services after they reported discovering the mosquito in Dane County.

According to Michael Draney, an Entomologist and Biology Professor at UW-Green Bay, there are only a few species of mosquitos that can transmit the virus.
“The one that’s most often associated with Zika and probably most efficient vector is Aedes Aegypti,” said Draney. “But this other species that’s been found near Madison is called Aedes Albopictus.”
It’s called the Asian Tiger Mosquito, known for it’s white stripes, this mosquito survives in small pools of water.
As for the prospect of contracting the Zika virus, Professor Draney says it’s not likely.
“The important thing is that the disease has not been transmitted from person to person via mosquito vectors, and that has only happened it a few places in southern-most United States,” he said.
67 people have been diagnosed with the virus in Wisconsin since 2016, however, it was transmitted when they have traveled to a Zika-infested location.
The good news is there is no evidence of Zika infected mosquitos where we live, nor does anyone think it will make it’s way to Wisconsin.
The State Health Department says, this is the first documentation of the Asian Tiger Mosquito in the the badger state.