GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) — A mother and daughter are a dynamic duo at one hospital in Green Bay.

“I graduated in May of 2020 right when the pandemic was starting and I really had no idea what I was getting in to,” said Haley Jankowski. “It’s all I’ve really known as a nurse so far.”

While it’s her first job as an ICU nurse, she had some back up.

“Everyone once in awhile you get someone who goes, ‘oh my gosh, that’s your mother? That’s your daughter?'” said Lori, Haley’s mom.

Lori is also an ICU nurse. Both of them work at HSHS Saint Vincent Hospital in Green Bay. And, both know and understand how the pandemic took its toll on one another.

“It was very hard to come home sometimes when your husband doesn’t understand what you’re going through, your son doesn’t understand what you’re going through. Why some days I just wanted to lay in bed, why some days I just had no energy to get up and do anything,” Lori said.

That’s something Ken Nelson knows all about. He’s in charge of nursing practice for HSHS Wisconsin.

“The face of healthcare and how we take care of people has changed incredibly,” Nelson said. The last few years, flipping the industry upside down. “It really pushed people to their physical and emotional limits while still taking care of people. And it’s been hard and our teams have struggled through.”

Especially when that team includes your mom.

“Pandemic or not, it’s an amazing thing to have and something I’ll always cherish just having her here at work,” Haley said.

By the way, Haley is technically a third-generation nurse. Lori’s mom and Haley’s grandmother was also a longtime nurse.