The mother of seven year-old Ethan Hauschultz, who died on Friday in the care of an uncle in the Town of Newton, believes that a family member killed her son. 

The Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office is treating the death as suspicious. 

Andrea Everett says her son Ethan was killed because of events that happened at his uncle’s house. , 

She says Ethan’s uncle left him at his house on Friday afternoon for two hours, under the watch of his teenage son.

“And when his uncle came back, Ethan was unconscious in the backyard, and he drove him to Holy Family [Memorial Medical Center].”

By the time Ethan was taken to the Holy Family Memorial Medical Center, he still had a heartbeat, but his body temperature was just 23 degrees.

Andrea saw her son covered in bruises, laying on the hospital bed.

Then, doctors told Andrea that Ethan’s condition was getting worse.

“She had informed me that Ethan had not had a heartbeat for quite some time, when you’re that cold your heart doesn’t work by itself so what they were trying to do was warm up his body temperature to get his heart to start again,” Andrea said. “They were giving him round-the-clock CPR.”

Ethan died on Friday night shortly after 9 p.m. with his mom by his side. 

Neighbors across the street from Ethan’s uncle’s house said that they have seen a young boy crying in the yard at the house multiple times, but it’s unclear if the boy was Ethan, or another child.

“We’ve seen a couple times where the boy, there was a boy about seven years-old crying. I didn’t make nothing of it. It wasn’t crucial screams,” Yvonne Kope, a neighbor, said.

They did see a young boy happily playing in the yard that Friday afternoon.

“We left at 1:30. They were laughing and playing,” Yvonne Kope said.

When they returned hours later, there were police officers searching the yard, and a drone flying overhead.

“Totally took me by shock,” Dennis Kope, a neighbor, said. “That poor child. The first thing i did was pray to god.”

Now, Andrea is calling for justice for Ethan, which she says is about holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

“A lot of people lost their lives that day. I lost my life, my son lost his life, and the people responsible are ultimately going to lose their life too, because this was a situation that could have been handled completely different,” she said. “Once you have your children you don’t imagine that you have to bury him. A mother is not supposed to bury their child. Ever.”

Andrea says she will plan a funeral once Ethan’s autopsy results come back.