APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) There were two victims in Sunday’s shooting and one victim 19-year-old Jovanni Frausto tragically lost his life during that incident and in a story, you’ll see only on five his mother speaks to Local Five.

It was at the Fox River Mall where a phone call would change Tanya Frausto’s life forever.

Tanya Frausto recalls, “my son’s fiance called me and she told me something happened at the mall and she doesn’t know if Jovanni had gotten shot.”

Sadly 19-year old Jovanni Frausto had been fatally shot and now his mother, Tanya Frausto remembers her eldest son.

Tanya says, “Jovanni was a very humble young man. He was very caring. He had the hugest heart ever. He was funny. He loved to dance. He loved music. He made music. He was very protective of his family.”

Tanya says she moved Jovanni and his three younger siblings to Wisconsin in search of a better life.

“We moved Neenah. I’m from Wisconsin originally. I moved to Connecticut when I was 17 and then we moved here. Jovanni and my kids grew up in Connecticut but I figured they would have a better kind of lifestyle here and you know it wasn’t the best place in Connecticut that we lived so I was looking at their future and trying to make them a better life over here.”

Tragically Jovanni’s life has been cut short and Tanya has some emotional words for Dezman Ellis, the 17-year old suspect. “I want to tell him [Dezman] you took my son’s life. It was not needed. You ruined me. Your ruined everybody in the family. You ruined my son’s life. He will never be able to live and I hope and I pray and God will serve and he will get you. Your mother’s going to lose her child just like I lost my son. Except she may be able to see you. I just miss my son.”

Tanya Frausto also tells Local Five that the family is in the process of making funeral arrangements for Jovanni Frausto and will have a private memorial service.

A GoFundMe page has been created for Jiovanni Frausto.