RHINELANDER, Wis. (WFRV) – Following reports of fake money in the area, authorities in Rhinelander are reminding businesses to check that the money is real before accepting it.

The Rhinelander Police Department posted on its Facebook page regarding recent reports of movie prop money being used to pay for goods and services. The money is described as ‘clearly marked’ movie prop money.

In the pictures provided, the money has ‘motion picture copy money’ and ‘for motion pictures purposes’ printed on them. The bills were $50 and $100.

Police want to remind businesses to look at large bills that people are using to make sure it isn’t movie money. It was also mentioned that it is not a crime to possess movie prop money, but it is one to intentionally defraud a business using it.

Anyone who comes across the bills is asked to call the Rhinelander Police Department at 715-365-5300.