GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) In Wisconsin and around the nation, presidential electors met to formally choose America’s next president. Kris Schuller reports with the election now over many voters hope we can find a way forward.

Six weeks after election day Democrat presidential electors in Wisconsin and the nation, gathered to officially choose Joe Biden as our next president. A process that voters hope puts the country on a path forward.

“Regardless of who we voted for, Republican or Democrat, I trust the system and I want us to move on as a united country,” said voter Dawn Murphy.

And puts an end to political bickering.

“We got to stop this feud, it has got to end,” said Gary Weekes.

President-elect Biden beat President Trump by more than 7 million votes and while the Electoral College officially means Biden is our next president, political experts doubt the president will ever concede.

“There probably will still be some pushback and while it won’t be legal or formal, it will most definitely occur in the court of public opinion,” said political expert David Helpap, who teaches at UW-Green Bay.

A recent CBS News poll says 82 percent of Trump supporters don’t see Biden’s win as being legitimate. But overall 62 percent of the nation’s voters believe the election is “over and settled” and it’s “time to move on.”

“I remember previous elections, sometimes I’m happy and sometimes I’m not and you know it’s just the way life works,” said Chuck Stockman.

“We need to be patient and listen and give our new president and vice president their chance,” Murphy added.

“The polarization that’s out there right now, it’s going to take a long time for this country to heal,” Weekes said.

“President Biden will have this task in front of him to try to unify the country,” Helpap said.

A position the president-elect now finds himself in as he moves on to Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021.

The president has claimed the election was rigged. But never provided any evidence of it in numerous courtrooms across the country.

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