APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) – A year has passed since Russia invaded Ukraine. While many continue to suffer through the invasion, organizations near and far are doing what they can to help.

Valentyna Pavsyukova, the founder of Chalice of Mercy, a nonprofit organization, says those fighting in the war-torn country need unlimited support.

“We are defending our land,” explained Pavsyukova. “We are defending our country, our future. We’re defending every family, every little piece of land.”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues more than a year later. Pavsyukova says he and her loved ones are seeking peace in Ukraine.  

“In a country that wanted to live in peace, never wanted to start a war, never wanted anybody else’s land, so for me, it brings a lot of hurt to the heart personally,” explained Pavsyukova.

Pavsyukova says her organization has sent supplies to those in Ukraine and supported victims of the invasion since it began.

“Since the second week of the war, we have been shipping emergency medical supplies, and primarily it is surgical supplies, medical supplies, medical equipment,” stated Pavsyukova. 

 In Wisconsin, local businesses are also contributing, and Appleton Axe is using its company to give back. When purchasing with the company, using code “AXE4PEACE” will allow the company to donate to Chalice of Mercy.

“We specifically target or work with local organizations, and Chalice of Mercy is one of them. It’s a great cause, a local organization with local people,” stated Kyle Vanbel, owner of Appleton Axe. 

Appleton Axe’s fundraiser will conclude on Sunday, February 26.