GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The price of keeping your home warm is rising in Wisconsin. As utility bills increase during the Winter, Wisconsin Public Service says safety and customer satisfaction is their top priority. 

“When it comes to winter heating, there are two things we want our customers to do; one is to stay warm, and the other is to stay safe while they are doing that as well,” said Wisconsin Public Service spokesperson Matt Cullen. 

Customers of Wisconsin Public Service may have noticed an increase in the price of their utility bill. The company cites a nationwide rise in the price of natural gas as why. 

The company says it expects the cost of natural gas to decrease soon. “We do anticipate that these natural higher gas prices will last throughout this Winter, heading forward into the future there are some indications that those prices could start to decline,” said Cullen.  

According to the company’s website, 60-70% of a customer’s bill is based on natural gas which is the most significant portion of their gas bill. While 25-33% of their electric bill is based on customer use. Cullen says saving gas and electricity could decrease the cost. 

“When it comes to heating and efficiency, there are simple ways that customers can heat their homes efficiently; manage those costs when it is sunny outside, let mother nature inside your home, let mother nature warm up your home naturally so you do not have to go to your thermostat and make any adjustments,” explained Cullen.  

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